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- Fun Facts -

Are you a hotpot restaurant? 

While we love us some good hotpot  -- we are definitely not the experts on it. Our speciality really lies in the Southeast Asian dishes that we have featured on our menu -- which include a variety of soup dishes, stir-fried noodle dishes, fried rice dishes, and so much more. 


If you don’t serve hotpot, then why is your name Stockpot? Actually, what is a stockpot?

A stockpot is defined as “a pot in which soup stock is prepared”. We wanted to pick a name for our restaurant that both highlights our signature dish of Pho as well familiarize the community with one of the foundational tools that is critical to making our soup. 
(Plus, we just really liked the name!) 

What is Pho? 

The foundation of a good bowl of pho is:

  • Broth

  • Broth

  • Broth


We're not kidding! This broth combined with rice noodles and herbs is truly what defines a bowl of pho. (For those that eat meat, it is most commonly served with beef. For our non-meat eaters, there are other inclusive variations that include chicken, seafood, and veggies!)

Our soup is cooked for upwards of 12 hours -- allowing for the flavors trapped in the bone marrow, herbs, and veggies to come out and create a rich and deep flavor. 


Keep in mind though that not all pho tastes the same -- and that is the beauty of it. Here at Stockpot, we have our own unique recipe that pulls from the main ingredients needed for Pho, but everyone has their own twist. 

When should I eat Pho?

Pho can be eaten at any time of the day -- breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 


Pho Ga especially is perfect for when you’re feeling a little under the weather, or when it’s chilly outside. Chicken noodle soup is our typical go-to comfort food for a reason, and the Vietnamese variation is no different! 


You talk a lot about Pho, but you say you’re a Southeast Asian restaurant? Why not just stick with Vietnamese food? 

Pho is our specialty, so we love to talk about it. Plus we've learned over the years that many people have never actually had Pho before!


But have a peek at our “About Us”. We talk about how and why we’ve been influenced by so many different cultures and flavors. Stockpot ultimately wants to share the diversity of flavors we love with the community.

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