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we opened a restaurant during a global pandemic.

Stockpot is a family owned business that was established in Fall 2020 -- in the middle of a global pandemic. Amidst the chaos and challenges that were thrown at us, we are proud to finally open and be part of the Vallejo community.

We proudly serve a variety of Southeast Asian cuisine -- including flavors from

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Stockpot strives to share some of our favorite dishes our go-to comfort meals,


The team behind Stockpot has a very diverse background and history. That is what inspired us to create the menu that we have today. Our menu is comprised of nostalgic dishes from our upbringing, while others were picked because we think they just taste really good! (And we can't wait to share that with you all too). 



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Mama and Papa Stockpot were born and raised in Southeast Asia. Throughout their time in Asia, they were constantly moving around and found themselves living in several countries across the continent. Growing up in each of those countries exposed them to a variety of different people, cultures, and cuisines. 


After immigrating to the US, these flavors that they grew up with were not as easily accessible. They would always reminisce about those dishes they knew and loved, and anytime nostalgia hit -- they would get to cooking. They would cook up a storm and replicate those dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- usually with their own little twist. 


Our family journey has truly shaped the meal experiences in our household. Meals are never boring and are always a celebration of our culture and our past. And now, we want to share that culture and joy with you all. We want to provide the community with the opportunity to enjoy some of the Southeast Asian flavors we grew up loving.

So whether you absolutely love Southeast Asian food or have never had it in your life -- we welcome you to come join us for a meal. We are here for you either way and can't wait to see you soon!

- Stockpot

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